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What is SPC flooring?

SPC is the latest in flooring technology. It cleverly blends the aesthetic benefits of wood with the practical benefits of stone to create a unique vinyl plank. 

SPC stands for stone plastic composite. This means that SPC vinyl plank flooring is engineered through a combination of limestone and stabilisers, contributing to a distinctly durable core. Characterised by its several layers, SPC vinyl flooring not only boasts all the functional and aesthetic benefits of standard vinyl floor tiles, but actually enhances them through a rigorous practical design

How is SPC flooring constructed? 

SPC vinyl flooring is constructed through a layered process. As a result, SPC vinyl boasts several practical layers:

  • UV coating – providing a finishing protective layer, the UV coating prevents discoloration caused by exposure to sunlight
  • The wear layer – contributing to SPC vinyl’s refined stain and scratch-resistance, the wear layer is the transparent top coating applied to the vinyl plank
  • The vinyl top coat layer – a thin layer of vinyl, ensuring the flooring is waterproof. This will also serve as the primary aesthetic layer, projecting the pattern, texture and overall look of the flooring
  • The SPC core base layer – as previously mentioned, the SPC core is created by engineering a combination of limestone and stabilisers, creating a reinforced durable core
  • The underlayer – an optional addition, SPC vinyl tiles can be installed with a foam or cork underlay to help reduce noise and soften the impact underfoot

The Benefits of SPC Vinyl Flooring

With such a unique and distinctive construction process, it will come as little surprise to learn that SPC vinyl flooring boasts a series of advantages when used in both domestic and commercial settings:

  • Temperature-resistant stability: thanks to the super durable SPC core, SPC vinyl tiles will remain stable in environments where temperatures are subject to change, such as areas with air conditioning or heating systems
  • Ease of application: with a no-nonsense click-lock tongue and groove installation, SPC vinyl plank flooring can be easily applied with minimal hassle – no extra tools required
  • Affordability: while the price of your SPC vinyl floor tiles will vary depending on whether you opt for optional underlayers, SPC vinyl flooring is typically a cost-effective flooring alternative that’s often very budget friendly
  • Waterproof: SPC vinyl floor tiles are 100% waterproof to provide complete protection against splashes and spills
  • Noise reduction: SPC vinyl’s dense core contributes to this flooring being typically quiet under foot, never sounding hollow – particularly if you opt for a noise-reductive underlayer
  • Simple maintenance: designed with simplicity in mind, SPC flooring simply requires a regular sweep and mop to be be kept looking their best
  • Comfort underfoot: SPC vinyl plank flooring boasts a noticeable cushioning underfoot thanks to the thick, multi-layer composition. Of course, this finish becomes softer still when opting for an underlay
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